Maple is in fifth grade―again. Now everyone will find out she struggles with reading―or will they? An engaging read for anyone who has ever felt different.
Maple Mehta-Cohen has been keeping a secret: she can’t read all that well. She has an impressive vocabulary and loves dictating stories into her recorder―especially the adventures of a daring sleuth who’s half Indian and half Jewish like Maple herself―but words on the page just don’t seem to make sense to her. Despite all Maple’s clever tricks to hide her troubles with reading, her teacher is on to her, and now Maple has to repeat fifth grade. Maple is devastated―what will her friends think? Will they forget about her? She uses her storytelling skills to convince her classmates that she's staying back as a special teacher’s assistant (because of budget cuts, you know). But as Maple navigates the loss of old friendships, the possibility of new ones, and facing her reading challenges head-on, her deception becomes harder to keep up. Can Maple begin to recognize her own strengths, and to love herself―and her brain―just the way she is? Readers who have faced their own trials with school and friendships will enjoy this heartwarming story and its bright, creative heroine.
“Frank and quirky. . . A layered, utterly readable novel.” —Kirkus​​​​​​​
“Adventure abounds and develops into a solid story for students who struggle with reading. Ultimately this is a story to share with all as Maple’s reading struggles are revealed to be a result of dyslexia, allowing this title to serve as a talking point regarding the need to show acceptance and understanding for students who struggle with reading and learning. This story deserves a place in many school libraries!” —SLC Review, Starred Review