If you are a writer seeking representation – welcome! 
Here is what you need to know before you query.
I represent fiction and nonfiction in both the children’s and adult markets. To be more specific:
In adult, young adult and children’s fiction, I’m looking for books that are compulsive, contagious, and creative. I’m particularly interested in “conversation starters,” books that bridge the literary-commercial divide, combining a high-concept with beautiful writing, and voice-driven contemporary stories. I’m always looking for diverse stories, characters who tell a story from a unique perspective, and through which we see the world differently. Books by historically excluded writers. 
I’m drawn to ambitious projects, coming-of-age stories, charming and stylized love stories, atmospheric magical realism, dark and twisty suspense, and genre-bending literary fiction. 
In adult, young adult, and children’s nonfiction, I specialize in memoir, with an emphasis on female voices, humor, and journalism. I love nonfiction that combines memoir and cultural criticism, journalism and storytelling, any type of hidden history, and memoirs about kids doing incredible things. 
As someone who had no personal connection to the publishing world before I began, I am passionate about discovering underrepresented voices.
I don’t typically represent picture books, genre fiction (romance, cozy mysteries, westerns, etc.) or practical nonfiction. I also do not represent screenplays. 
If you think your project is a good fit for me, please send your query using this link
At this time, I only accept queries through Query Manager.  
I wish I could respond to everyone, but I am only one very tall woman. You will receive a receipt confirmation, but due to the volume of queries I receive, I can’t respond personally to every query. No response is a pass.
If I am interested in reading more, I will get in touch as soon as I can.