On a cross-country road trip, an expert in romantic comedies finds herself living one in a funny, refreshing, and flirty novel about really falling in love by USA Today bestselling author JJ Knight.
Kelsey Whitaker knows every hit rom-com by heart and why they work. It's her job. As a casting assistant to a fearsome boss nicknamed the Demon, Kelsey creates chemistry with perfect leads. Let the tropes take it from there. So where's the meet-cute in her own life? That she'll have to make happen herself.
With the help of her best friend and wingman, Zachery Carter--a total Hemsworth, even if his career is ebbing--Kelsey trades in her big-city stilettos for small-town tennies and hits the back roads. Somewhere between Hollywood and her Alabama roots, she's determined to strategically stumble into the arms of an all-American flannel-wearing, decent-hearted, rustic boy next door. It's a blockbuster blueprint for success! Isn't it?
It's all a secretly smitten Zachery can do not to tell Kelsey she's looking for love in all the wrong places. If she really wants a happy ending, they may have to do a little rewriting, town by town and mile by mile. Together.