Roller Girl meets Cardboard Kingdom in this original, contemporary graphic novel from award-winning author Pablo Cartaya and New York Times best-selling illustrator Miguel Díaz Rivas.
Baseball is Elena Rueda's entire life. Just like her mom at her age, Elena’s the best player—and the only girl—on her team. If she works hard enough this summer, she’ll be on track to join the varsity team in high school. That’s Elena’s dream . . . isn’t it? 
The truth is, Elena loves baseball, but she may not love playing anymore. So when an injury forces her to take a break, her abuelo suggests she try something new: live-action role-playing with her brother Benji and his quirky friends.
At first Elena doesn’t see the point of a game you can’t win—a game made up of costumes, quests, and imaginary magic. But over a summer without scoreboards she gets swept up in the spell of friendship and fun
That is, until a new baseball season approaches. With old pressures looming, can Elena find her voice and claim her dreams—and most importantly, her team?
Pablo Cartaya is an internationally acclaimed author, screenwriter, speaker, and educator. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, and on Oprah’s Booklist. Pablo has worked with Disney, Apple TV+, and Sesame Street on projects adapted from television series and movies. In 2021, he served as a judge for the National Book Award in Young People's Literature and has taught creative writing workshops and spoken at various universities and conferences throughout the world. He calls Miami home and Cuban American his cultura.

Miguel Díaz Rivas is a freelance illustrator from Cabra, Spain. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communications and studied illustration and animation at ESDIP in Madrid.