Welcome to Happily Ever Island, the most pixie-dusted vacation a Disney fan could ever imagine!

Head-in-the-clouds romantic Madison and driven pragmatist Lanie are unlikely best friends, but the two would do anything for each other. So when Madison’s life starts to fall apart, Lanie agrees to join Madison for the test run of Disney’s newest resort experience during their first college spring break: Happily Ever Island, an immersive vacation destination where guests can become their favorite Disney character for a week. Madison decides to go as the iconic princess herself, Cinderella, with Lanie as bow-wielding Merida. It’s not Lanie’s idea of fun, but she knows Madison needs her, and besides, she could use the break from her strenuous workload. And maybe she’ll get to shoot things. 

But once on the island, Lanie and Madison begin to drift apart. Madison finds herself either missing out on or messing up all the enchanting moments she has dreamt about her whole life, and is forever running into their annoyingly perfect (and distractingly cute) vacation coordinator, Val. Meanwhile, Lanie unexpectedly finds herself captivated by the magic of it all as Merida. She strikes up a secret romance with Prince Charming—but there’s no telling whether he’s just playing a part. 

Soon the friends will be swept up in a whirlwind week of laughter, tears, and more than just a touch of Disney magic.