"A refreshing and honest exploration of the pressures a culture of toxic masculinity places on teenagers that tenderly portrays its effects, not only on young women, but also the negative impact it has on young men. An important and necessary book for our time.” --Amber Smith, New York Times Bestselling Author
When a teen expresses romantic interest in his best friend, her unexpected reaction sends their relationship into a tailspin in this heartfelt and honest novel giving a new look at first love—and outcomes that aren’t happily ever after.

Zeke’s world is crashing down around him, but there’s one thing—or rather one person—keeping him afloat. Imogen. His ride or die. His day one homie. His best friend. The only thing that has kept him from asking Imogen out is her parent’s “no dating until sixteen” rule. Now with Imogen’s sixteenth birthday around the corner, Zeke can finally be her boyfriend.

Only, Imogen doesn’t seem to be in tune the unspoken understanding Zeke thought they had: that in their will-they-won’t-they, they definitely would. Instead, Imogen starts going out with her crush, Trevor, and Zeke makes it his mission to show her she made the wrong choice.

Meanwhile, Imogen has been thrown off-kilter by everyone’s reactions to her move in the game she didn’t know she was playing. Suddenly, she’s hit with accusations of leading Zeke on for years, and she doesn’t even have a best friend to lean on after finding out Zeke was always counting down the days until their friendship could turn romantic—shattering her trust.

Tensions reach a boiling point at a disastrous party, and Zeke insists Imogen choose between him and Trevor. Torn between the easy option and following her heart, Imogen makes the only call she can…but is she prepared for the consequences?