A snake spirit transforms into a boy and must hide his true identity after falling for a headstrong prince in this lush retelling of the traditional Chinese folktale.
When Prince Xian was a boy, a white snake bit his mother and condemned her to a slow, painful death. The only known cure is an elusive spirit pearl—or an antidote created from the rare white snake itself. Desperate and determined, Xian travels to the city of Changle, where an oracle predicted he would find and capture a white snake.
Seven years ago, Zhen, a white snake in the West Lake, consumed a coveted spirit pearl, which gave him special powers—including the ability to change into human form.
In Changle, Xian encounters an enigmatic but beautiful stable boy named Zhen. The two are immediately drawn to each other, but Zhen soon realizes that he is the white snake Xian is hunting. As their feelings grow deeper, can Zhen tell Xian the truth about who he really is?
Sher Lee lives in Singapore. She’s a Pitch Wars alum with screenwriting experience in TV and film. Her debut rom-com Fake Dates and Mooncake was published by Delacorte. You can  find her on Twitter and Instagram at @SherLeeAuthor.