A sweeping Celtic YA fantasy adventure set in the ancient kingdom of Eire, inspired by the legend of the first true queen of Ireland, perfect for readers of Shelby Mahurin and Adrienne Young.   
In the land of Eire, banshees chill the air, and water-wights lurk in the black rivers, but magic is outlawed by the king, and jealously hoarded by his Druid priests.  
Neve is the neglected youngest daughter of the king, and Ronan is a Druid’s apprentice-turned-thief, making a living by selling stolen spells. They should be enemies, but their shared hatred of the Druids—and a strange magic that has marked them both—makes them unlikely and uneasy allies.  
When Eire is threatened by a power struggle, Neve must seize the chance to take her rightful place on her family’s throne, with the help of Ronan and the realm’s most dangerous outcasts. Their journey takes them to the outskirts of Eire where magic still runs free . . . and where an outlaw and a warrior princess might carve out a new destiny with spells and swords.    
Lesley Livingston vividly reimagines Celtic legends and myths in an enthralling YA fantasy adventure that will captivate readers of Brigid Kemmerer and Tricia Levenseller.