“In a world in which the artisan is far too rare, what could be more fun than exploring Dana Deskiewicz’s Appreciating Oysters, with no two oysters alike. Personally, I go for ‘eye-opening brine explosions’ but there are lots of other choices, and that is the pleasure of this book.”
– Mark Kurlansky, Author of The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell
The essential guide to America’s booming craft oyster scene
Oysters are having a moment. Like craft beer before them, oysters are being discovered by discerning foodies who love that they're a tide-to-table, sustainable form of protein, and an adventurous food trend that's as Instagrammable as they come. 
Oyster expert and founder of the Oystour app Dana Deskiewicz takes readers of a salty ride through the current craft oyster scene. The 85 varieties profiled are lovingly raised on small farms along America's coasts, with names as memorable as their flavors — Murder Point, Choptank Sweets, Fat Dogs, Lady Chatterleys, and many more.
Whether you seek they eye-opening brine explosion of an East coast Breachway, or the cucumber-and-melon delicacy of a West coast Church Point, Deskiewicz will guide you through the best bivalves North America has to offer.